Taking a leap of Faith...

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

Our move from Detroit, MI to Hollywood Beach, FL ... this is our story

Hey there! Hope you've enjoyed the video of our "day in the life" of our home on Hollywood Beach :). Welcome to blog post #3! I'll stop counting after this post I promise lol. In our initial post of our anniversary in Aruba we didn't really talk much about who we are, where we're from, or even what we do for a living. We did however talk about our travel inspiration behind starting this blog in post #2. We decided our third post should be a little bit more personal to give more insight into who we really are and how we came to be. So let's go.....

“I'm starting a new life with my new wife... - Matt”

As I wrote this blog on our couch I looked over at Matt and asked him "babe what was your very first thought when we first moved into our new home?" and since Matt always keeps it short and sweet he got straight to the point "I'm starting a new life with my new wife". Awwww I remember that day like it was yesterday.... We had just drove 19 hours straight in a packed Uhaul truck from Detroit, Michigan. Matt drove about 16 of those hours but I drove the last 3 and I must say those were the hardest 3 hours of the trip. I had to drink 3 Redbulls, roll the windows down, and keep the music blasting in order to stay awake. However, when we arrived I was so excited to see our new place for the very first time that I got my second wind. We have ARRIVED!!!!

Sunset view over the Atlantic Ocean from our balcony...

How we met...

What's funny is neither of us can actually remember the very first time we met. Matt however does have one distinct memory of us... and apparently I was flirting with him. Hmmm I don't quite remember that but I will neither confirm nor deny lol. You see we both went to Martin Luther King High school in Downtown Detroit and I being the hopeless romantic that I am remember having a boyfriend for the largest part of our high school years soooo... you see my dilemma?

As Matt's story goes, one day while our English teacher Mrs. Troupe was absent and my boyfriend at the time was absent as well we were in class just having a good time enjoying the hour of freedom. Matt and I began to conversate and at some point in this hour I apparently was singing a song to Matt... Now at first I didn't believe him because that just doesn't sound like me at all but then he told me what song I was singing and it was one of my favorite love songs at the time so I'm inclined to believe him! Don't judge me! Welp there you have it guys I guess I was the one to make the first move. He then began to tell me that the next day when my boyfriend returned to school I acted as though I didn't remember any of the sparks that were flying the day before but little did either of us know that's where it all began...

How we reconnected...

Honestly until this day I don't remember the exact details of that one day in Mrs. Troupe's class but one thing I had remembered about Matt was that he was always such a gentleman. He did stand out in my memories as different from the rest of the guys in high school given that he was always so sweet and real down-to-earth. I guess that's why 7 years after graduating high school I was open to going out with Matt after he had reached out to me on FaceBook messager.

Our first date was in December of 2013 and I remember that day so vividly. It was

a snowy Friday night and Matt had just texted me to let me know he would pick me up at 7pm. He lived about an hour away from me at that time but still got to my place 20 minutes early. When I saw him for the first time in almost 7 years I was so surprised that he looked exactly how I remembered him. Note: Matt does not age. No seriously he doesn't!

These photos are in Detroit for winter 2018

Since the snow was coming down heavy that night we decided to go to the closest restaurant in the area which happened to

be an Applebees right down the street from my place. One thing I want to add is as we were leaving for the restaurant Matt opened my car door and I remember thinking "Wow that's so sweet I wonder if he will keep this up".... Almost seven years later Matt still opens my car door and any door I walk through while he's around. Chivalry is not dead... it is very much alive:).

I don't remember much about the rest of the evening but I do remember being at the restaurant talking, laughing and watching a Redwings game on TV. The entire time I felt very relaxed. It just felt like catching up with an old friend. I don't know if it was the way the snow was falling that night or if it was the way Matt looked at me but I could feel my life was about to change....

The Engagement...

We have talked everyday since our first date. If I could describe our dating journey (which lasted about 1 year and 4 mos) in a few words I would say that it was fun, adventurous, and forward-moving. Matt described it as laughs, goals, and direction. There's not enough space here to fill in all the adventures we had during that time but I will add that our dating journey was also where our Faith journey began together. We talked ALOT about the future that we wanted very early on into our dating. Both of us wanted to be married and have a family at some point. We also both wanted to live in South Florida. What are the odds huh?? But most importantly the number one thing that we talked about the most was our Faith in God's ability to lead and guide us into this beautiful life that we began to envision together.

We both grew up in Christian homes with praying mothers and grandmothers so as adults its no surprise that we've held on firmly to this Faith and to each other. We would both say that it has taken us further than we thought we could ever go. We also believe that no matter how much success we may think we have "The Best Is Still Yet To Come"!!

Matt popped the question on April 18, 2015 and of course I said YAASSSS. To be honest we had been planning our life together way before he asked the big question but now it was time to begin taking Faith steps towards our Happily Ever After and we were super excited about it.

The Wedding....

We did not waste anytime. After our engagement we booked the venue and began planning our big day. We both heard that wedding planning can be stressful and chaotic but honestly we had so much fun planning our wedding. It's as if everything was falling into place as it should. We set the date on September 6, 2015 and got a huge discount on our venue because that date fell on Memorial Day weekend (which is perfect for long weekend anniversaries btw). We had theee most fun building our song playlist for the wedding. If there was any stress it was only due to trying to fit all of our family and friends into the guest list of 150 people but it all worked out perfect.

That day had to be the happiest day of our lives. We partied, we drank, we ate, we laughed, and was surrounded by so much love from our family and friends. We wrote our own vows and I still tear up till this day when I think about the ceremony... I told ya'll I was a hopeless romantic just blame it on all the Disney movies I watched while growing up. This was definitely the wedding of my dreams to the man of my dreams!

The wedding came together so smoothly that Matt and I both agree that this was most definitely God's Plan.

Our Home...

Hollywood Beach

Instead of planning a honeymoon, two days after our wedding we packed up our lives and moved into our condo on Hollywood Beach! It was the craziest thing either of us had ever done. Especially since we both quit our jobs in Michigan and moved down with only about three months worth of savings and no idea what we would do next. I know some people thought we were insane and trust me there were moments during the move and even after we moved where we thought "This is exciting but also really scary". Whenever we were tempted to doubt we just encouraged each other and showed gratitude for the fact that we were now living in our dream condo on the beach!

The wonderful thing about moving to the beach is that even till this day I feel like we're still on our honeymoon. For the first two months we enjoyed our new home and the surrounding Miami area. We didn't know what would happen next but we just had Faith that it would be clear what the next steps were. It all worked out just like we knew it would :) Right before our funds ran out Matt got a job as a Operations Manager at a fitness club and I got a job as Financial Analyst at a Telecommunications company. Whoohoo thank you GOD!

We still celebrate these wins and we both have different jobs now. Matt is an Operations Manager for an amazing Non-profit helping those with mental health disabilities to find stable work and I work as a Financial Controller for a furniture distribution company. I remember when people warned us that we would make much less when we moved down to Florida but in fact we both make much more than we ever did in Michigan and are very happy with the companies we currently work for.

Even my mom and siblings moved down shortly after we did. Matt's mom, sister, and step-dad has lived in Florida for quite some time now so it was nice having them here to help us get acclimated to the area. The only thing we wish is that we could move our entire family to South Florida! However, we do fly back and forth to Detroit a couple times a year and technology makes it extremely easy to stay connected to our family and friends all over.

Overall, we wouldn't change one thing about our journey so far. We've found that life itself is a beautiful adventure and sometimes it can get scary but when we hold on to our Faith and unto each other we can go places and do things we've only dreamed of....

Thanks so much again for stopping by we hope we've inspired you to take your own leap of Faith into your dream life whatever that may be! We believe it's definitely possible and that the Best is Still yet to Come my friend!!!!

Peace, Love, and Luggage,

Matt and Britt

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