How to Pray as a couple...

Updated: Jun 7, 2020

Prayer can strengthen, guide, heal, and elevate your relationship to new levels...

Hey fam!

We hope you all have been hanging in there during these turbulent times. Normally we would post a travel blog or a blog about our adventures in the Miami area but lately, just like everyone else, we've been spending a lot of time together at home and it's given us a lot of time to count our blessings and think through the things that have held us together during the shaky and uncertain times over our 5 years of marriage. We both agree that one of the things that has been most consistent and beneficial to our marriage is our daily prayer life.

Now before you think that Matt and I are super religious people let me stop you right there because we are NOT. This blog isn't about being perfect Christians but its a testament to how prayer has been the most essential thing that we have incorporated into our marriage. We're definitely far from perfect and that's why we see the need to having a daily conversation with our heavenly Father.

Prayer doesn't have to be weird... or long... or formal. In our house prayer is very normal, conversational, and is as easy as speaking to each other. Those that may be new to prayer may find it a awkward to talk with someone they've never seen but that's where Faith comes in. Talking with God only takes a teeny tiny bit of Faith to believe that there is someone on the other end of those prayers who cares enough to listen and respond. Matt and I are not religious people at all, we're relational. We believe that God loves us and wants only the best for us and others. How do we know??? Because the bible told us so lol. 😇🙏🏽 No seriously, prayer is definitely something you just have to experience the power of for yourself. We know because we've practiced prayer through faith and have experienced the peace, love, joy, and clarity it has brought to our lives.

We truly believe we have another companion in our relationship that we can both go to for guidance, strength, and hope. We acknowledge God in our blessings, our hardships, our decisions, and everything in between. If you're new to prayer or maybe you're a prayer warrior we wanted to share with you a list of things you can always take to God. Of course this is not a comprehensive list since you can talk to God about absolutely anything but this is some of our most common prayers or "conversations" we have with God on a daily basis. We like to pray together right before dinner but you can set any time during the day that works for you and your partner...

1. Thanking God together

One of our favorite things to do together is to remind each other of all the ways God has blessed us. Seriously, Matt and I can go on and on when we start to think about all the blessings we have and all the times God truly came through when we needed it the most. Starting prayer with gratitude is one way to help elevate your Faith. If you are asking God for a breakthrough or to help you in any situation the first place to start is to think back on the last amazing thing God did in your life. Sometimes when I'm doubtful Matt likes to encourage me by reminding me of all the times we didn't think we were going to make it through a tough situation but GOD MADE A WAY! I make sure to do the same when he's needing encouragement as well. I would say our prayers are 50% giving thanks and 50% making requests for ourselves and for others.

2. Asking for Gods help together

Never before has there been a better time in our generation to start to ask God for help. Even if you've never spoken with God in the past, He is there for you when you reach out for help. Despite all of the devastation and division we are going through as a nation there is no doubt in our minds that God is still with us and still wanting the absolute best for us. It is NOT God's plan for us to be sick, impoverished, depressed, lonely, fearful, oppressed etc. Even though God does not cause calamities, He is always there to help us in our greatest times of need to unify and comfort us. Whenever we have a big decision to make or there is confusion in a specific area of our lives we will go to God in prayer and ask for wisdom and clarity on how to move forward. Trust us guys, praying may seem like the hardest thing to do when you are going through a bad situation. That's because prayer can seem like such a simple solution to sometimes very complicated and dire situations. However, we know from personal experience that a mustard seed of Faith has literally moved mountains in our lives. If you haven't read our Taking a Leap of Faith blog detailing when we first moved to South Florida read it here and you will see for yourself how far a little Faith goes :).

3. Praying for others together

With so many needing health, finances, and comfort during this time it can seem like an insurmountable task to help everyone in need. In times like these my friends we need miracles... and lots of them! Never before has there been a better time for God to show how Faithful He is. We have heard of the many lives that COVID has taken, but what we aren't hearing as much is how many people have 100% recovered from this virus. In fact, in a recent news article I read, over 1 million people have recovered from COVID while over 235K have actually lost their lives globally. Go do your own research and see for yourself that more people have recovered from this virus than have died from it. That's over 1 million miracles ya'll and the numbers are growing daily! We must continue to band together in prayer for others during this time because when we pray together there is definitely a multiplication effect.

Not only are with dealing with COVID in this season but we are also dealing with the hatred and injustice that has plagued our nation for so many years. This story isn't new, Gods people were persecuted, harassed, and oppressed all throughout the bible but every time God delivered them. Every. Single. Time. We believe that God fights for us so there is no need to hate those that hate us or hurt those that hurt us. As His chosen ones it's important for us to stand firm in this believe. By faith we will pray for those that despise, hate, and try to oppress us. It doesn't matter what their reasons are my friend. God is fighting for us. We are in good hands.

Praying for your enemies is such a contradiction to the norm. There are many in our society that believes in an "eye for eye" but in the end we are both blind. Praying for your enemies has nothing to do with them. It has so much to do with you and the condition of your heart. We have to ask ourselves... will we respond in hate and bitterness or will we respond in love by praying for our enemies? Jesus as he was dying on the cross prayed for us. He loved us while we were still His enemies. If JESUS PRAYED for His enemies SO WILL WE.

So many people are uniting right now. People of all races and ethnicity's are coming together and it truly is a beautiful thing to see. Unity versus division. Light versus dark. Love versus hate.... we have some good news for you my friends... Love will win every time . Every. Single. Time. 🙏🏻🙏🏼🙏🏽🙏🏾🙏🏿

4. Praying for each other

Whenever I'm feeling down or out of sorts I always ask Matt to pray for me. Mostly because I know he loves me very much and he truly wants the best for me. When you love someone the best thing you can do is pray for them. You may not know what your partner needs or even how to help but God does. So trust that the One that created your partner knows what they need most. I pray for Matt often. Mostly at night while Matt is sleeping. I thank God for him and all the love and joy he has brought into my life through him. I pray for his protection, for his health, for his wisdom, and for his relationships with family, friends, and coworkers. I believe my prayers brought Matthew into my life and I believe my prayers continue to cover him in love and protection. Even when we have disagreements I pray because Lord knows I'm right but Matt just needs a little help finding his way lol 😂 jk jk. But seriously prayer definitely creates an environment of peace and harmony in our home. It's really hard to pray for someone and stay mad at them. Try it...

As always thanks for stopping by! We hope you see and experience the power of prayer for yourself. If you're new to prayer and don't know where to start just pray for God to help you to pray. That may seem silly but there is absolutely nothing that is too big or too small for our God to handle. Being a part of a praying community of faith filled believers helps us a ton. If you're in the Miami area, we attend VOUS Church where we've connected with some of the most amazing people everrrrr. Just know where ever you are today you are not alone and we are praying and hoping for the absolute best for you and your family. Stay safe and may God bless and cover you and your families during this time. This is definitely a season for miracles so stay prayed up fam!!

Until next time!

Peace, Love, and Luggage,

Matt & Britt

"We love because the that's the only true adventure" Nikki Giovanni

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