Happy New Year! 2021 Travel Goals

Will traveling be safe in 2021?! ❤️✈️🌴

What will travelling look like in 2021?!

Hey travel fam! Are you all excited for the new year?? I know I know... it's sort of difficult to walk into the new year with the same hope and vigor as we walked into 2020 with. None of us expected the rollercoaster ride of 2020 and many of us are still recovering mentally, emotionally, and financially. Especially us travelers. I think we can all agree that 2020 travel goals was a reeeaaal struggle. We hoped to visit six new countries in 2020 but got to visit just one.

If you're adventurers like us you too experienced heart break 💔 as the pandemic spread across the world and cancelled all travel plans one trip at a time. HOWEVER, we are starting this year in extreme gratitude for our lives and our health. When times got hard we held on to our Faith and unto each other and we are so happy to say WE ARE STILL HERE. My friend, YOU ARE STILL HERE. I don't mean to be dramatic but let that sink in for a moment....

So the big question is.... what will travel look like in 2021?! Well the good news for us is that several countries we planned to visit in 2020 are now open for travels in 2021 . Yaaaaay!!! Countries like Bali, Thailand, and Dubai. Singapore, however is not allowing US travelers to visit just yet. We planned to visit all four of these countries in a 2 week trip in March of 2020. Now we'll just have to plan our multi destination trip a bit differently in 2021.

So yes, 2021 travels will definitely be a GO for us! We plan to rebook some of the same hotels/Air BNBs that we cancelled previously. Travel planning this time around will definitely take more time and effort as there are new safety protocols for each country but we are up for the task. When we travelled to St. Lucia in October 2020 it was an amazing experience but also very tedious in planning. There were required COVID PCR tests, travel approval documents, and guidelines that had to be strictly followed but it was well worth it! Visit the CDC website to get more details on countries that are currently open and what the protocols are to visit those destinations.

Our goal is to visit at least 4 new countries in 2021. That is a minimum and shouldn't be too hard to accomplish as more and more countries open up for tourism. Hopefully we will crush this goal and visit even more than that. Of course we have lots of Faith that it will all work out for the best. We have high hopes that you are able to safely travel in 2021 as well. Let us know your plans down in the comments. We'd love to hear where you are headed my friends!

Lastly guys, never let fear decide your future. We hope you feel encouraged to step out in Faith and get back out there to discover the vast world God created for our pleasure. If you thought this post was helpful definitely share with your family and friends...

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"We love because the that's the only true adventure" Nikki Giovanni

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