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Hey there! We're a travel, love, & lifestyle blogging couple living in South Florida. We absolutely love what the local Miami area has to offer and we love sharing the fun and sun with others. Connect with us for local Miami and travel deals! Oooor if you're just in the area. We'd love to connect with you ;) 



Happy New Year!!! 2020 Here we come...

Updated: 6 days ago

Looking back on 2019 and listing our travel goals for 2020...

Happy New Year!!!

Can you guys believe it's already January 1, 2020?! The time flew by so quickly this past year but time flies when your catching flights. Haha did you see what I did there? Time flies... lol. But seriously there were so many great adventures in 2019. We traveled to 5 new countries and 1 new continent together this year and each place had something new to offer. I don't know how much you've traveled, but for us that's a really big deal given we just started traveling in our late 20's. If you missed any of our short videos or photos, check out our Instagram page @love.and.luggage. Here is a quick recap of our 2019 adventures...

2019 Travels recap...

1. March 2019 - Cartagena, Colombia

We spent a long weekend in Colombia for my 31st birthday and it was absolutely amazing. Cartagena is definitely the most colorful place we've visited thus far.... Check out our cinematic video and blog here.

2. April 2019 - Nassau, Bahamas

We took a day trip to the Bahamas in April and it was the quickest vacation we've taken but it was also so packed full of adventure. We got to swim with pigs! I loved it but Matt didn't appreciate the pigs pooping in the ocean as we swam with them lol. Check out our cinematic video and blog on our trip to the Bahamas here.

3. May 2019 - Panama City, Panama

In May we found some really great deals on flights to Panama and we couldn't resist taking a spontaneous trip to this coastal Central American country. It was amazing to see the Panama Canal and eat the fresh fish delicacies. We also got a chance to island hop through the San Blas Islands! Cinematic video and blog coming soon...

4. August 2019 - Montego Bay, Jamaica

Can you say Montego Bae?! We celebrated our 4th year anniversary on the beautiful island of Jamaica. Ya'll we had a blast in Matt's home country. Well technically he is first generation Jamaican. His mom was born and raised in Jamaica and I absolutely love that lady because she cooks a delicious pot of oxtail and curry shrimp/chicken. Did I mention the acai & saltfish?! Mmmk so I love Jamaican food and I loooove my half Jamaican husband. We met up with our friends there and drank Jamaican rum the entire time. Definitely the highlight of the year!

5. October 2019 - Havana, Cuba

Havana was definitely the best trip to take at the end of the year. This was my second time visiting Cuba and each time it was as if my eyes were opened to how privileged we are in the US. The people in Cuba were so warm, welcoming, and open about the hardships that the country has persevered through. It was my favorite trip just because I felt as though we were so well received and appreciated by the people we had a chance to connect with. I would like to make Havana a regular destination given that it's only a 45 minute flight.

So that's 2019 and we're soooooo grateful and excited about 2020!! Where are you heading this year? Here is a high level view of the places we hope to visit in the New Year and just like in 2019, it's going to take early planning and discipline in saving to make our travel dreams come true. We are in Faith while catching Flights. I like that... Faith and Flights 2020.

Here are some continents we've never visited that we would love to travel to in 2020....

1. Europe

2. Asia

3. Africa

We'll keep you all posted as we get more details on our 2020 travels! Thanks for stopping by. We both pray that you are immensely blessed in your 2020 plans whatever they may be. Just remember whatever you do guys just do it in love and the rest will take care of itself.

Until next time!

Peace, Love, and Luggage,

Matt & Britt

"We love because the that's the only true adventure" Nikki Giovanni

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