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It's a zoo in Miami! Perfect activities for the summer...

Are you an animal lover?!

Whether you live in the Miami area or are planning a visit some time soon this post is for you. Between Matt and I, he is much more of a nature lover than myself. However, I do love that the Miami area has so many animal lovin' activities to choose from. Check out the top 10 attractions that we've compiled of the best spots to visit for animal lovers in Miami.

Museum of Discovery & Science 🦎....

Matt and I visited the Museum of Discovery & Science in 2017 and we still remember how much fun we had during our time there. Not only is it a museum with all kinds of cool science projects there are also very cool insect exhibits and aquariums to check out. They also have an amazing 3D IMAX theater with daily film showings.

Miami Zoo 🦒 ....

The Miami Zoo has to be one of the most active zoos I have ever been to. Coming from Michigan the Detroit zoo is well known throughout the state, however, the Miami zoo is on a whole other level. The animals aren't just laying around catching sun rays. When we went, the monkeys were swinging on branches, the lions were interacting with each other, and the birds were definitely chirping mid-day. This place feels just like animal kingdom. We went during the winter months on a weekday to avoid the heat and the huge crowds. We had a blast!

Miami Sea Aquarium 🐳....

The Miami Sea Aquarium is one of the first exhibits we visited when we moved down and it was an absolute adventure. Do you all remember the movie Free Willy? If you were a fan you will love the Killer Whale & dolphin show that the have daily. You won't get the see Willy but the main attraction here is Lolita the Killer Whale. This Aquarium has so many different species of aquatic life that you'll definitely need majority of the day to see it all. They also have several additional attractions you can purchase along with your general admission such as an encounter with dolphins. We have not tried this yet but plan to in the future.

Everglades Air Boat Tours 🐊....

Matt and I visited the Everglades when we first moved down. I honestly can't remember which Everglades tour we choose but there are several. Everglades Safari Park is just one and they regularly have discounts on tickets through Groupon. The tour we took was pretty cool. We rode on a high speed air boat through the Everglades while looking for crocodiles and alligators the entire time. Most tours include a crocodile show and even allows you to interact with other animals on the grounds. We got to hold a baby alligator. We named him snappy! lol

Lion Country Safari 🦁....

The Lion Country Safari is such a unique experience. It's literally a safari that you can drive through with your own vehicle. There are several animals to see while exploring the drive-through and walk through safari which is all included in the price of your ticket. One very unique experience they offer is a Giraffe painting encounter. Wait Giraffes know how to paint??? Yup apparently they do!

Jungle Island 🦅 ....

Jungle Island is a kids dream come true. It's not only full of mammals, birds, reptiles, and amphibians but there are also many activities such as rock climbing, zip lining, escape rooms, and several different animal encounters. They also host weddings, birthday parties, and corporate events on the grounds. There's something for everyone here.

Zoological Wild Life Foundation 🐘....

Zoological Wild Life Foundation goes further than just a petting zoo. This is a conservation that supports captive breeding grounds to ensure a future for endangered species. It also takes the one-on-one animal encounter to a whole other level. They specialize in doing personalized tours and even photo shoots with very exotic but also very cute and cuddly animals such as chimpanzees, birds, baby tigers, and many others (see video below).

Monkey Jungle Miami 🐵 ....

Monkey Jungle is exactly what you think it is... yes a zoological attraction full of monkeys! This jungle features several different species of primates and also offers up close and personal interactions with the little guys but not the big guys (gorillas 🦍 lol) They have a wild monkey swimming pool, an Amazonian rainforest, a gorilla rainforest, and a parrot sanctuary. It's a great chance to monkey around!

Safari Edventure 🐆....

We haven't visited Safari Edventure just yet but we definitely plan to. Any place that allows you to interact with animals in a controlled environment we're up for it. At Safari Edventure you will be able to pet a sloth, feed a porcupine,  join a pack of wolves, hold an alligator, and more. We plan to check it out this summer. The price for admission is one of the most economical out of the list so you can bring the whole family.

Butterfly World 🦋....

Last but not least Butterfly world. I absolutely loved this place! It was one huge butterfly house with exotic birds, reptiles, gardens, water fountains, and of course butterflies. There had to be thousands of butterflies fluttering around. It was a very majestic, serene and "fairy-tale like" experience. You'll definitely want to bring your camera but make sure you turn off your flash so that you don't disturb these beautiful yet delicate creatures.

Thanks for stopping by. We hope you've found an activity for you and the family this summer. There's so many fun filled animal loving attractions in Miami. Click on the links throughout this blog for more details on admission, location, and hours. Enjoy!

Until next time,

Peace, Love, and Luggage,

Matt & Britt

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