Renaissance Aruba Resort & Casino

Celebrating an unforgettable 3rd year anniversary on the beautiful Island of Aruba.

BAE-CAY in Aruba...

The Renaissance Resort and Casino Private Island

When we first arrived in Aruba we could tell the air was different here. We noticed the pleasant demeanor of those at the airport and even that of our cab driver on the way to our hotel. I couldn't quite put my finger on it but the people here were peaceful. We could instantly feel ourselves begin to relax from the 3 hour flight as we pulled into our hotel. Let honeymoon #3 begin...

Babe can you believe it?! It's already been 3 years since we said "I do" and our lifelong journey began. It feels like just yesterday we we're saying our vows to one another and now here we are partying with wild Flamingos on a beautiful private island. I don't want to go home!” - Britt

This sunset....

Day 1

It didn't take us long to settle in after our flight. We opened up the bottle of Remy VSOP (yup that's our drink lol) we bought at the airport and began to sip and dance to smooth tunes as we quickly threw on our bathing suits and headed down to the pool bar for some early evening fun. We found ourselves taking a dip in the perfectly tempered pool while listening to live music and watching the sun begin to set over the Caribbean sea. We worked up an appetite after our swim so we decided to grab a light dinner (chicken ceasar salads) at the restaurant right next to the pool. The rest of the evening was all laughs, drinks, soft music, and long stares... what a beautiful sunset. There was no doubt... this resort was absolutely magical.

Relaxing over the water on a hammock...

Day 2

We had a early morning the next day. We wanted to be the first ones on the shuttle boat to the private island to have ample time to spend with the main attractions of the hotel... the flamingos! Matt happens to be an animal lover so this was such an ideal destination as you get to literally swim, shower, and party right next to the flamingos. The arrangement of baby blue water and bright pink flamingos really awakened the senses. After about an hour of hanging out with our new flamingo friends we decided to grab breakfast at the restaurant on the island. The island food was so delicious and reasonably priced too. Did I mention you can also get the cutest cocktails in mini-sized flamingo floaties! Yuum! We spent the rest of the day swimming in the ocean, feeding the flamingos, and bathing in the sun. The atmosphere was serene enough to fall asleep under a palm tree or in a hammock right over the water... the vibes on the private island was pure bliss.

We found lots of cool graffiti art nearby

Day 3

The next day we wanted to take advantage of the other hotel amenities such as a morning bike ride in the surrounding area of the hotel and private couple massages in the early evening. This was our last full day on the island so we really wanted to explore and get a good feel of the area. The location was perfect as we were walking distance from many restaurants and stores close by. As we rode bikes we came across lots of thought provoking art, graffiti, and murals. We began to feel more of the life of the island the further we rode in the nearby neighborhoods which always felt safe and relaxed. After our bike ride we headed back to the hotel to wash up and get ready for our sunset dinner, champagne, and couples massage at the hotel spa.... This. Is. The. Life.

I love Aruba!

Day 4

It was sooooo hard to say good bye! I really had a hard time when leaving especially since we made new flamingo friends and I knew the busyness of life was going to pick-up as soon as we hit the ground back home. This was definitely an unforgettable experience. The peace and serenity here is contagious. The sun bright and warm. The waters cool and blue. And the memories blissful and unforgettable.

If you're interested in booking an amazing flight + hotel deal with the Renaissance Aruba Resort and Casino, we booked our entire stay with We were as happy as flamingos with our stay :)

Peace, Love, and Luggage!

Matt & Britt

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