A candy museum in Miami FL

What was your favorite board game when you were a child?? My favorite game was Candyland 🍬. I just loved all the colors on the board and the thought of everything being made of candy was a childhood dream. The Candytopia museum in Miami was just like walking through a real live Candyland! Everything was made of pure sugar and it definitely brought out the young B in me👶💕.

When Matt and I arrived we laughed when we saw all the young children lined up with just as much excitement to go into the same museum. This was definitely a family event and a kids' slice of heaven.

The entire museum had one photo opp after another and candy at every corner. We just skipped along as if we were 5 years old again enjoying all of the sweet delicacies.

Every where you look there were sculptures, paintings, and other creative pieces of art made of candy. Twizzlers, skittles, starburst, jelly beans, sour patches, and chocolates of every kind.

Candytopia was absolutely magical 😍.A real wonderland 🍭 and a great family experience!

Thanks for stopping by! You can heck out a Candytopia museum nearest you. See details here...

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Until next time!

Peace, Love, and Luggage,

Matt & Britt

"We love because the that's the only true adventure" Nikki Giovanni

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