10 Black Travel pages on Instagram that inspire!

Updated: Apr 18, 2019

Matt & Britt @loveandluggage

Welcome, so glad you've stopped by! For our second post we wanted to truly portray our personalities in some creative way while explaining why we started this travel blog in the first place. So Matt and I brainstormed for a while by asking ourselves "why did we want to start this blog ?" It didn't take us long before we came back to the inspiration we found while scrolling through our IG timelines one day.....

“Scroll... scroll... scroll.......... scrooooll... Ooo babe look at this travel couple. They're so cute! Wow there are sooo many #travelcouples on IG... but wait... where are all of the black traveling couples?"- Britt

And there you have it folks! A single thought provoking question started it all. You see, Matt and I both loooove to travel and explore new places. We would do it every day of our lives if we could (but the way this 2 weeks of vacation is set-up.. lol). I personally never feel more alive than when I'm exploring a new place and to do it with my bestest friend in the whole wide world just adds a cherry on top. (Side note: If you haven't already, check out our very first blog/vlog of our time in Aruba!)

Over the last few years we have been inspired by so many #travelbloggers of many different races and ethnicities (more than we could ever fit into this blog). However, in this blog we wanted to pay tribute and shed some light on those that have most inspired us to be brave and explore new territories by traveling the less beaten paths. As we looked at the representation in the travel industry we could clearly see that there was a gap in the market for not only #blacktravelbloggers but even more so for black couple travel bloggers. That's when the inspiration for #loveandluggage began. We're just two native Detroiters that now live in South Florida and travels every chance we get!

So here it is... the Instagram accounts below are just a handful of black travel curation accounts that really inspired us to not only travel more but to be brave enough to share our journey with others. These content curators fueled the fire within and inspired us to #traveloutloud by featuring some really amazing travelers and their travel journey's. We hope they inspire you as well... (these are in no particular order) Enjoy!

#1 @blacktravelgo

Culture + Travel hub for the melanated wanderlust

Website: www.blacktravelgo.com


This page absolutely drips black excellence. The colors are so vivid and the myriad of savvy and experienced travel bloggers definitely inspire melanated wanderlust.

Black Travel Go

#2 @blackcouplestraveltoo

Black Love. Black Travel.


When we started looking for other black couple travel bloggers it wasn't as easy to locate our #tribe, however, this curation page pulls it all together so beautifully. I'm so glad we found this page because we've already connected with other couples that share our passion. #blacklove #blacktravel

Black Couples Travel Too

#3 @theblacktravelclub

Sponsored posts/ features/ partnerships

Website: www.blacktravel.club


If you're looking for more of a turnt travel group experience this is your page. They not only feature some of the hottest travelistas doing it right now but they also coordinate group trips and couple trips. Also luveee the #WCW insta stories!

The Black Travel Club

#4 @weworktotravel

First Black Travel Review Site

Website: weworktotravel.com


This page #givesmelife. Not only does the page name sum up our lives but on every post there are awesome noteworthy tips for travel that are actually very useful! If you check out their website there's even more in depth travel reviews by location. We've signed-up to connect with other travelers and to leave our own travel reviews. It's like Black Trip Advisor!

We Work to Travel

#5 @theblacktourist

Global Community for Travel & Leisure


There are so many different travel destinations captured in this page. The geo locations are literally everywhere! Places I didn't even know existed. You'll definitely expand your travel plans after scrolling this page.

The Black Tourist

#6 @blacktravelgram

Tag for a feature


We do it for the gram! This page just pops with color! #melanin Daily insta stories motivate and inspire us to keep making our travel moves. Not to mention all of the travel goodies they giveaway to show appreciation to their followers.

Black Travel Gram

#7 @blacktravelfeed

Travel lifestyle for the restless wanderer


I don't know who manages this page but the coordination of the posts are so eloquent and really creates eye candy for its viewers. I promise this page will make you want to pack your bags and throw up the deuces #weout .

Black Travel Feed

#8 @blackpassportstamps

Follow for a feature


I'm truly inspired by @mrtravelgoals as he has several successful curated travel pages and Black Passport Stamps is just one of those pages. If there is anyone that has mad love for #blacktravel it's this guy. Love this page because it's all collaboration and community building! #traveltribe

Black Passport Stamps

#9 @roadto100countries

We highlight & promote your world of travel

Website: www.roadto100countries.com


This has to be one of the most inspiring pages as the goal of this page says it all in the name. Matt and I love to travel but have never put a goal on the number of countries we would like to travel to. This page has set that bar for us. 100 countries it is! #travelgoals

Road to 100 Countries

#10 @travelnoire

Travel company


Travel Noire is the largest curation page on our list with close to 500K followers! There is a reason for their popularity as this page is not only a curation account but also a travel company that helps you book amazing travel deals that are unique to your travel style. The city guides on their site is so thorough in helping you plan your next trip. We've signed-up for their travel community as this is also one of our go-to pages for travel tips.

Travel Noire

#11 @blacktravelmove

Group trips and travel tips


That leads us to our last but not least travel page... Black Travel Movement. I know we said 10 pages but we just had to add a bonus! This page is all about building community as they also have a huge Facebook following (~380K members). They coordinate several group trips throughout the year so if you're looking to join the movement this page is a great place to start!

Black Travel Movement

We know.. we know.. we know... there are so many more amazing pages that are apart of the #blacktravelmovement and if we missed any its only because this post could go on for days if we captured everyone. Let us know your favorite travel pages in the comment box below! We are always looking for new travel inspo. We hope you're just as inspired as us to go book your next trip right now.

Thanks again for stopping by! Until next time...

Peace. Love. Luggage,

Matt & Britt

IG: @love.and.luggage


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