Hey there! We are Matthew and Brittney Williams (Matt and Britt) and we are the co-creators of Love and Luggage, a travel and lifestyle blog.

Welcome to our virtual home and thanks so much for stopping by. First let us start off by saying how grateful we are to connect with you. Neither of us believe in coincidences so if you're here it's meant to be! Our greatest hope is that you are inspired by our journey of faith, love, and adventure. We enjoy building relationships via our social media platforms so please feel free to reach out!

Let us start from the beginning, it all began at Martin L. King high school, in downtown Detroit. It was your typical guy likes girl, girl had a boyfriend, but in the end the guy gets the girl kind of love story. Awww soooo romantic right?!

Fast forward to about five years ago, we tied the knot and instead of going on a honeymoon we packed up our entire lives into a U-Haul truck and took a HUGE leap of faith. With our hearts set on the journey we drove over 19 hours straight from Detroit to South Florida. We were so excited for this move since this was often a vacation spot for us but not anymore... now we call this place our home.


When we arrived it was so different from where we were from. We went from pine trees to palm trees... from snow to sand. Excited was an understatement but it didn't come without it's challenges. When we first moved we didn’t have jobs and only had about 3 months’ worth of savings... wait we did say it was a leap of Faith right? lol Well by the grace of God, we found jobs shortly after and have been loving and living on Hollywood beach ever since, Whoohoo!!!

Starting this blog was yet another leap of Faith for us. As we explored our brand new home in South Florida it dawned on us that there is so much beauty in this world and we intend to discover it. We do this by traveling every chance we get! Although we have full time jobs we never stop dreaming about the next destination we will explore together. Since we launched this blog in April 2019 we've traveled to 3 different continents and 7 new countries! 


That may not seem like a lot but for two Detroit born and raised dreamers that just started traveling in their late 20's that is a BIG deal for us. We believe life is to be LIVED. Not when we retire or when we hit the lottery but right now.  This... very... moment. No matter where you come from or how you grew up. We are an example of two people who dared to believe that life has so much more to offer than we think and it's just waiting on us to believe....

So join us in our love, faith, and travel journey. We promise never to bore you. In fact, as we find travel deals and South Florida gems we plan to share them with you first. Sound good?! Do connect with us if you’re in the area!

Peace, love, and luggage :)

Matt and Britt

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Hey there! We're Matt & Britt  - a travel, love, & lifestyle blogging couple living in South Florida. We absolutely love what the local Miami area has to offer and we love sharing the fun and sun with others. Connect with us for local and travel deals! Oooor if you're just in the area. We'd love to connect with you ;)


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